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Grace Womens Ministry: is a ministry of St Pauls Trinity Pacific Presbyterian Church and reports to the Christian Education Committee on a monthly basis. This ministry started 3 years ago with the heart & vision to enable, equip & empower women (25-50yrs) to be lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ. We meet every Wed evenings, 6:31pm-8:31pm. This ministry includes, bible studies looking at womanhood from a biblical perspective & applying those principles through local serving projects.

NZCMS partnership: In 2015 Ropeta Tulia as part of her studies with Vision College, (Diploma in Ministry) entered into an internship programme with New Zealand Church Missionary Society. Not only was this an enriching experience & in-depth learning in the area of missions for Ropeta but this connection provided new opportunities for Grace Womens Ministry. For example we helped serve at the Pacific 2 Nations breakfast held at our church last year. After planting the seed within the group of an overseas serving project, we committed the plans to God & we entered a season of prayer & discernment. God began to open doors & discussions started with NZCMS of a possible encounter trip. To date: NZCMS has endorsed the trip & the Grace team will link in with one of their Mission Partners in the Philippines. Childrens Bible Ministry with Dianne Bayley see info below or check out NZCMS 40 years

There is currently a team of 6 ladies from Grace including Mrs Watiri Maina (NZCMS rep team leader) preparing to go! We are very blessed to have Mrs Watiri Maina join us, as she was our speaker at our Grace Retreat 2015. We are in total awe of the amazing things God is doing! What a journey so far exciting, scary all in one!! We have learnt so much already & made new connections & friendships & there is still much to learn & prepare!!

Please pray for us & also Dianne Bayley & the Childrens Bible Ministry in the Philippines.

Thank you! God Bless

Grace Leadership team: Ropeta Tulia & Tina Taula

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